About Us

Farm Soul is Here for a Reason

The “About Us” Story
as Written by Jason Barrett (Co-Owner of Farm Soul)

In the summer of 2018, I (Jason Barrett), was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Needless to say, the news was devastating. I am the father of five boys, so lymphoma didn’t have a place in my life.

As part of the realization I had cancer, I was searching for answers. I was also searching for the opportunity to stay alive. Nutrition seemed to be the key. Cancer feeds on sugar. I fed on sugar. We had ourselves an issue.

Good Nutrition Needed

So what did I do? I remembered my wife saying something about a greens product she was taking at the recommendation of a good friend, and chiropractor, Kirk Johnson. I quickly looked at the bottle and realized, this little scoop of green powdered goodness was packed full of nutritional elements I needed. There were antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and so much more.

Here’s the rub. I was never a fan of anything green, unless it was a sugar cookie with green frosting. I had myself a little issue. It was something I was going to have to overcome.

Mikey (Jason) Likes It!

You have to be as old as me to understand the “Mikey likes it” reference, but you will get the gist regardless. I poured out a scoop full of greens, dumped it in a glass of water, stirred, and went bottoms up.

It was delicious!

No kidding. This stuff was delicious. It was so good that I started using it as my snack at the end of the day when my wife and I watched a little bit of Netflix. I looked forward to it like nothing else.

The Rub

So here’s the issue. My friend Kirk ran out of the greens. The good news is that he had some other, half as sweet, greens for me to try. They were OK, and due to my health needs, I drank a glass of them daily.

Guess what! Kirk ran out of those too. Now what?!

Enter the Idea Guy

I found out that Kirk was out of the good stuff, out of the half sweet stuff, and that I was up a creek without a paddle. This was not good. The next thing I did was ask what I should buy at Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, or on Amazon.

Guess what I got as an answer. None of them are as close to being as good as the greens I had been taking. I pushed more. Just pick one Kirk! He literally said to just grab something off of the shelf. Yikes!

My Other Greens Experiment

I grabbed some random greens off of the shelf at Whole Foods. I think they were a popular, and some may call them amazing, greens product sold by our friends at Whole Foods.

What did I find? They were dust in a bottle. I tried to hide them in smoothies, I bought liquid stevia and added them to the drink, and I eventually found I could cover the taste well enough using a good tasting vegan protein. It was a workaround, but not ideal. P.S. Kirk had developed the vegan protein too. More to come on that!

Back to Kirk with An Idea

I was in a tough place. The greens lost their luster and I was just choking them down like a glass full of psyllium husk and water. As a result, I approached Kirk about going into business together to get back to his original greens. Kirk had the recipe, the contacts, and an existing sales channel. I had the business background, marketing ability, and my story. He agreed and here we are.

Why the Name Farm Soul? Farm + Soul = ❤

When I was diagnosed with lymphoma, it became very apparent to me that my diet was going to be a critical part of my health moving forward. After reading several books and digging in to the research, I found that farm fresh, organic, and natural foods are preferable over anything else. That got us the “farm” part of the name.

The “soul” part of the name comes from the healing that is felt within your soul when you set a positive perspective in your mind and move in the right direction. I felt like I was doing this with my life changes and it felt like Farm Soul could and would help others do the same.

Now You Know

So now that you know our story, we hope you will help us add to it. We have so many things we want to do. We are starting with the greens product, but will quickly be moving in to several other natural extensions of the Farm Soul concept.